Ibstock Place School Sports Map

Address Ibstock Place School
Clarence Lane
SW15 5PY
Telephone 0208 392 5817
Fax -
Sport Map Legend
Main School

Lat: 51.45447, Long: -0.25239
Alton Fields
Venue for some IPS Junior Football and Rugby Fixtures
Lat: 51.45339, Long: -0.25470
Bank of England
Venue for IPS Hockey, Netball and Tennis
Lat: 51.45842, Long: -0.25359
Barn Elms Sport Centre

Lat: 51.47775, Long: -0.21913
Barn Elms Sport Trust

Lat: 51.47480, Long: -0.23559
Barn Elms Track
Occasional venue for Saturday morning Athletics Club. 9.00-10.30
Lat: 51.47363, Long: -0.23282
IPS Sports Fields
Venue for IPS Football, Rugby, Rounders and Athletics
Lat: 51.45540, Long: -0.24934
Pedestrian Access Gate to Sports Fields

Lat: 51.45480, Long: -0.25150
Putney Heath - Roehampton CC
The Cricket field is on the Putney Heath.
Lat: 51.44957, Long: -0.22788
Richmond Park Rugby Pitches-
Venue for IPS Senior Rugby Fixtures
Lat: 51.45183, Long: -0.26159
Rocks Lane Tennis Courts
Venue for some IPS Tennis Fixtures
Lat: 51.47524, Long: -0.23166
Sheen Common
Venue for IPS Cricket Fixtures
Lat: 51.45799, Long: -0.27500
Sheen Lawn Tennis club

Lat: 51.45850, Long: -0.27095
Sports Hall
Venue for IPS Netball
Lat: 51.45513, Long: -0.25090
Swimming Pool
Access vis Danebury Avenue
Lat: 51.45389, Long: -0.25321
Weekday Access Gate- Clarence Lane
Weekday access gate to Sports Fields/Sports Hall
Lat: 51.45464, Long: -0.24950
Weekend Access Gate- Roehampton Lane
Weekend Access Gate to Sports Fields/Sports Hall
Lat: 51.45429, Long: -0.24369